More Gotham New Talent Shows

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Comedy, Comedy Show
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April & May 2009

I e-mailed a thank you note to the producer at Gotham Comedy Club. I mentioned that I brought twice as many audience members to the show than was required of me. Perhaps I could earn myself a spot on another show without having to bring anyone, I suggested. Request granted. I was given a guest spot (free of barking or bringing obligations) at another Friday, 6.30pm New Talent Show.

This earned points with me, so I returned a few weeks later when the show was on sale for 3 people instead of the usual four.

With ten people in the audience, three of which I brought, I was feeling as comfortable as an environmentalist at a NASCAR race. Gotham’s main room is far too big to be occupied by less than a dozen people. Frankly, it was embarrassing. It was like a dress rehearsal for a real show, but with a cover and two drink minimum like a real show.

Plus, I was still getting used to being on stage… a strange and vulnerable place. I needed to take a step back and slow down on the show front. I needed more time on the often painful, but always helpful open mic scene.


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