Talking About Doing Comedy

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Comedy
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July, 2009

As I become a comedian, I’m getting questions and comments about being comedian. How appropriate!

“What kind of comic are you?” I was asked by a fellow amateur comic, all philosophical-like. I got the hint, I needed an angle.

“Female. I mean, I figure I’m female for everything I do anyway, may as well be female for comedy, too. That’s the same logic that has made me a white, Jewish comic, too,” I answered.

“A smart ass,” he replied.

“My dad always said it’s better to be a wise ass then a dumb ass,” I explained.

“Dad issues, now that’s very comedian of you,” he decided.


When it comes to the general public, civilians, real audience… not comics, some of the same questions and comments come up a lot:

  • (every comic’s favorite) Tell me a joke!
  • Do people laugh?
  • You’re doing comedy? So you think you’re funny?
  • You should do a bit about my day/my dog/my weirdo friend!
  • Do you get paid?
  • I’d never be able to do that!

Never a dull moment.


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